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Import Mapper Changes

  • Add functionality for escaping a line in a batch if it should violate the terms under which a document is to be imported. 
    • If this happens, continue to import other items in the batch
    • Items that do error out should be written to the logs for better troubleshooting
  • Create more thorough logging for Import Mapper failures. 
    • Write the line items that fail to the logs so that we have a better understanding of what the failure was and where it occurred in the file. 
  • Create email notifications for import jobs
    • allow these email confirmations on success, as well as any errors 
  • Process the inserts with No Lock on the database tables

New functionality:

  • Ability to download an 'upload template' that you can then zip with files and then upload as a package to import into DocuPhase as a one off SaaS oriented model
  • Mike Morris
  • Jan 9 2018
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